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Innovating Mission Critical Systems

National City Corporation
Multiple Data Centers

Project Overview

CCG supported National City Corporation by providing strategic consulting advisory over the course of several years. These projects focused on NCC’s two primary data centers located in Cleveland and Cincinnati, on an acquired data center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and on two prospective green field initiatives.

NCC undertook major $50 million, 4 MW expansions at their Cleveland and Cincinnati locations, in addition to several prior upgrades at the Cleveland Data Center.

CCG’s ability to bring a range of skills to NCC promoted a continuity of approach and personnel through widely diverse assignments over the total facility project cycle.

Multi-Project Services Overview: Cleveland and Cincinnati Data Centers

  • Single point of failure (SPOF) and reliability studies
  • Facility evaluation of acquired data center
  • Facility strategy development comparing re-use, integrate to existing, or new build options, including capacity, campus master plan, budget and schedule
  • Computer hardware growth projections
  • Hardware re-deployment planning
  • Planning and engineering design for infrastructure upgrades
  • Facility strategy development considering assignment of Production, Development, High Availability and Disaster Recovery functions to available and future facility inventory
  • Technical evaluation and "test-fits" for alternative sites
  • Campus master plan
  • Ultra high-density IT cabinet environment planning
  • Peer design review of local architect/engineer
  • Long lead equipment procurement support
  • Infrastructure Commissioning

Project Statistics -
Cleveland Data Center

  • Total Building Area: 181,600 SF
  • Raised Floor Area 62,350 SF
  • Chiller Plant: 1,620 tons @ N+1
  • Chilled Water Storage: 227,000 gallons
  • Electrical Total Demand Load: 10.1 MW
  • UPS System Capacity: 5.5 MW (2 x 2.7 MW static systems) @ N+1
  • Emergency Power: 11.25 MW capacity (5 x 2.25 MW)