CCG Facilities Integration, A Morrison Hershfield Company

Innovating Mission Critical Systems

San Diego & Quincy Data Centers

Project Overview: San Diego Data Center

CCG worked with Intuit to develop a fast-track implementation plan for their San Diego Data Center and Network Operations Center. This 12,000 SF facility is an integral part of Intuit’s world headquarters campus, and provides infrastructure for corporate networks and connectivity for clients around the globe.

CCG ensured best practices were implemented by participating throughout the entire development process, from initial planning through post-construction testing.

CCG subsequently supported multiple infrastructure expansion projects at the site.

Services Provided

CCG provided the following services:

  • Peer Design Review and Advisory
  • On-site Full-time Owner's Project Management
  • Network Operations Center Design and Construction Documents
  • NOC Console Procurement Management
  • Critical Systems Commissioning
  • Computer Hardware Load Projections
  • Engineering, Project Management and Commissioning for infrastructure upgrades

Project Overview: Quincy Data Center

CCG was Intuit’s data center consultant during the site selection and preliminary design development of their green field data center in Quincy, Washington.

CCG assisted the corporate real estate team in comparing the relative advantages of different regions, and later in evaluating specific sites. The process culminated in the selection of a central Washington State location taking advantage of the very favorable utility rates there.

CCG developed a Program of Requirements for the new facility, including objectives of modularity, scalability, future flexibility and cost effective utilization of infrastructure systems.

CCG then developed the conceptual design documentation for options ranging from 6 MW to 20 MW critical capacity adapted to the selected geographic region and site. These documents constituted the basis for cost estimating and final design documentation.

Services Provided

  • Program of Requirements
  • Site Selection Criteria and Evaluation
  • Site Due-Diligence and Local Authority Presentations
  • Concept Design and Design Development
  • Development Budget Projections