CCG Facilities Integration, A Morrison Hershfield Company

Innovating Mission Critical Systems

National City Corporation
Cleveland Data Center Commissioning

Project Overview

CCG provided comprehensive Commissioning services to NCC supporting their expansion of an existing production data center in Cleveland, Ohio.

CCG developed a detailed commissioning plan and procedures for testing the Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure for system operational verification and total site integration.

Testing procedures incorporated the Vendor’s customized site acceptance procedures and witnessing by the Owner’s and Engineer’s personnel.

Services Provided

  • Commissioning master schedule identifying activities and risk levels
  • Level 1 Factory Witness Testing of the equipment, including demonstration of features, attributes and capacity in a controlled setting before shipment to the site.
  • Levels 2 and 3 Component and System Construction Verification records reviews
  • Detailed commissioning procedures for Level 4 and 5 testing
  • Level 4 Individual System Operation Verification, which ensured all systems were functional subsequent to construction
  • Level 5 Integrated Systems Testing demonstrating correct performance of interacting systems under failure and maintenance conditions

Project Statistics

  • Total Building Area: 181,600 SF
  • Raised Floor Area: 62,350 SF
  • Cooling Plant: 1,620 Tons @ N+1
  • Electrical Total Demand Load: 10.1 MW
  • UPS System Capacity: 5.5 MW/2.75 MW static system
  • Emergency Power: 11.25 MW capacity (5 x 2.25 MW)


  • Turner Construction (General)
  • Smith & Obie (Mechanical)
  • Doan Pyramid (Electrical)

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