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Current Transformers For Protection Relays


VP, Principal and Senior Electrical Engineer Michael Mosman authors a white paper entitled Current Transformers For Protection Relays, describing the technical characteristics of Class C current transformers when used in protection relay applications.

Direct Current Isolated‐Parallel UPS Systems


The IsolatedParallel (“IsoParallel” or “IP”) configuration for rotary diesel UPS systems debuted in 2006. The first installations were in wholesale data centers where several customers shared a common facility.

Economic Viability of Supplemental Piping


Mechanical Engineering Designer Louis Wolff authors a white paper entitled Economic Viability of Supplemental Piping, describing the methodology CCG uses to evaluate cost while designing the chilled water piping distribution system.

Cable Selection and Termination Considerations In A Mission Critical Environment


Associate and Senior Electrical Project Manager, Michael A. Balog, Jr. authors awhite paper entitled Cable Selection and Termination Considerations In A Mission Critical Environment describing the importance of both the quality of power distribution equipment and the overall integrity of its installation in a mission critical environment.

By Land or By Sea: Proving Systems Performance In An Offshore Oilfield


This Insight article discusses CCG Commissioning Services Group's involvement in the Mafumeira Sul - Living Quarter Building project in Angola.

High Reliability Designs for Economical Data Centers


As part of the Data Center Technical Summit 2014, CCG Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Michael Mosman, PE recently gave a presentation entitled – High Reliability Designs for Economical Data Centers.

Communication Grounding System: Best Practices


This Insight Article address the best practices for a Communication Grounding System - providing a comprehensive understanding of the grounding system, its purpose, and appropriate applications, since published standards do not apply uniformly to all situations.  

PUE Calculations: The Model and The Myths


This White Paper explores some of the more common Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) calculation mistakes and myths while demonstrating their impact on PUE values calculated for a specific data center facility design project.

Electrical Load Bank Planning: Best Practices for Cx Testing


This Insight Article discusses the best practices for electrical load bank planning during commissioning testing.

Switchboard Circuit Breaker Remote Operation and Racking


This Insight Article presents methods for remote operation of switchboard circuit breakers for arc-flash hazard avoidance.

Containment Strategies for Co-Location Data Centers


Principal and Director of Mechanical Engineering, Sam Sheehan, PE discusses containment strategies for co-location data centers. Containment in a purpose-built data center, where an owner can maintain some level of control over IT cabinet configurations, is generally fairly straight forward.  However, implementing containment in a co-location data center environment brings with it a unique set of challenges.


Electrical Metering Issues During Commissioning


Placement of metering devices inclusive of current and potential transformers, relays, protective devices etc. is of paramount importance as it can accurately inform the observer of what is taking place.

Optimizing Existing Data Center Chilled Water Plants


As system efficiency and ultra-low Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) numbers assume a higher profile, particularly in new purpose-built data centers, the PUE of legacy data centers can sometimes be dismissed or overlooked. But even among data centers a decade old or more, substantial improvements in operating efficiency can be made, often with little or no new equipment.

Use of Modular Design and its Relation to Energy Performance and Construction Costs


The data center designer and user now have a very wide range of “modular” options available with which to accomplish project goals. This White Paper describes the use of Modular Design and its relation to energy performance and construction costs.

Vibration and Alignment Testing – Hidden PUE and OpEX Savings


This Insight Article describes why identifying and correcting abnormal vibrations from newly installed equipment is critical to any project, particularly those projects whose infrastructure equipment serve to support a critical business mission.

Special Considerations When Analyzing Arc Flash Hazard In Systems With Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply Modules


Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (RUPS) modules are technologically complex. This White Paper describes how calculating arc flash hazard on systems containing this equipment requires special attention to the RUPS controls. Otherwise, the arc flash calculations could result in erroneously high values. 

Medium Voltage Electrical Systems for Data Centers


Michael Mosman, PE, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of CCG Facilities Integration Incorporated  presents innovative ideas and observations on Medium Voltage Electrical Systems for Data Centers.

ASHRAE Now Requires Economizers in Data Centers: The Challenges Ahead


This Executive Brief provides some history behind the new ASHRAE 90.1 requirement for waterside economizers in data centers.  It also outlines the impact of this requirement on the design, cost, and operation of large data centers.

Isolated-Parallel Redundancy: A New and Better Approach to Large Critical Power Systems Configuration


This Executive Brief describes a new approach to large critical power system configuration, which offers significant advantages over current practice for a broad range of commercial applications.

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