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CCG Vice President and CTO, Michael Mosman speaks at Data Center World in Nashville, Tennessee


As a well-known industry leader, Michael Mosman, PE, Vice President and CTO of CCG Facilities Integration CCG was asked to speak at AFCOM’s Association for Computer Operations Management bi-annual Data Center World Conference in Nashville, Tennessee March 7 – 11th. “Data Center World focuses on management, business and technology for the data center. The sessions are created with data center professionals in mind. Attendees include data center managers, MIS directors, CIOs and other IS professionals.” The conference has multiple educational tracks with educational seminars, as well as networking opportunities for the attendees.

Mr. Mosman headed up the Facilities/Greening track Thursday morning with his seminar “4160: The Green 480,” explaining the advantages of a medium voltage electrical system in a data center.

Mr. Mosman explained the technology advancements in medium voltage equipment that are improving the cost effectiveness, reliability and space needed for these systems. Linear actuated MV breakers have the ‘look and feel’ of LV breakers, and have been tested to operate up to 100,000 times without failure of breaker operating mechanisms. Front accessible switchgear requires two-thirds the space of traditional MV switchgear and are less costly. Upgraded distribution transformers, which are liquid-cooled with biodegradable fluid, safe for indoor application and maintain a 99% or better efficiency.

Along with the equipment advancements, there are cost efficiencies that are attractive to data center owners as well. The greatest difference being in the feeders, followed by the systems themselves with the consolidation of transformers.

Mr. Mosman spoke about several more advantages, and improvements in medium voltages electrical systems which make MV systems ‘The Truly Green Data Center.’

The presentation in full is available upon request; please contact us via Insight Request for further information.

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