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New Data Center Promotes Job Growth and Land Reclamation


Last year marked the completion of an important project developed by DP Facilities South. This project was a new, state-of-the-art data center. And because DP Facilities South knew that their clients would demand a safe, secure, and reliable design, they teamed with CCG and DPR Construction in a Design-Build Delivery contract to complete the project.

This 65,000 square foot facility was not only built with efficiency and security in mind—boasting an estimated PUE of 1.2, a redundant infrastructure, and strict anti-terrorism force protection (ATFP) measures in an area insulated from natural disasters and blackouts—but also to promote economic development in Wise, Virginia. This region identifies as “The Safest Place on Earth,” and is the place DP Facilities South strategically chose to house their new bunker of a data center. One benefit of selecting this particular site was use of reclaimed land from a forty year old surface coal-mining operation. DP Facilities South wanted to put the now flat land back to use while providing new jobs to the county of Wise.

Since completion, the Mineral Gap data center has spurred economic growth in the area and is expected to provide some 40 new jobs. A wise move, you might say, on DP Facilities South's part.

The Mineral Gap data center was originally envisioned and developed to support state and federal government needs. However, DP Facilities South also welcomes qualifying financial and technology service companies to locate there.

Want more details on the Mineral Gap Data Center? Visit the Mineral Gap website or Click Here.

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