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Innovating Mission Critical Systems



As Commissioning Authority (CxA), CCG verifies and documents that facility infrastructure is achieving the intended levels of performance. This multi-level, structured process coordinates with design and construction activities:

  • Level 0 – Planning and Review
  • Level 1 – Factory Testing
  • Level 2 – Component Verification
  • Level 3 – System Construction Verification
  • Level 4 – Individual System Operation Verification
  • Level 5 – Integrated Systems Operation Verification
  • Level 6 – Facility Management Support

Re-commissioning services ensure that existing infrastructure performance is re-tested and any corrective measures implemented.

O&M Training Management

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Training is a vital element of the overall O&M program for operations staff newly assigned to a facility. Management of the O&M training program by the CxA ensures key elements of the training process are accounted for by the installing contractors and equipment vendors. O&M Training  Management services include the oversight and coordination of all training activities to ensure operations success for the life of a facility.

Peer Review

Peer Review services provide an objective third party evaluation of design and construction initiatives. Often provided in tandem with Commissioning services, these services strengthen the intended project planning process.

Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment services review existing operations and infrastructure, evaluating equipment condition and capacity performance, maintenance regimens and operational protocols. This information is the foundation of effective facility management. Specialized assessments such as power quality analysis, cooling effectiveness through CFD analytics, or PUE performance evaluations are also offered.

Benchmarking and Certification

Benchmarking and Certification services provide project owners an evaluation of where their infrastructure stands in relation to their peers, common industry metrics, or established standards. Benchmarking and certification relative to Tier Classification, LEED requirements, or reliability profiling are offered.

Forensics and Expert Opinions

Forensic analysis and the issuance of expert opinions are sometimes a necessity when failures occur or performance is deficient. CCG brings an unmatched level of expertise to these assignments, drawing upon the experience of its most senior staff.