CCG Facilities Integration, A Morrison Hershfield Company

Innovating Mission Critical Systems


Project Management

Project Management services orchestrate the various technical disciplines into a cohesive response to the project’s functional, schedule and budget objectives. All project stages are addressed, including:

  • Feasibility planning
  • Schematic design
  • Detailed design and construction documents
  • Procurement of contractor services
  • Construction contract administration
  • Project close-out

Whether the project is a new green field site, expansion or enhancement in place, proper project management will ensure that all activities are coordinated and working toward the common goal.


Engineering services establish the design of mechanical, electrical, fuel, fire protection, monitoring and controls, and security systems central to critical operations. These systems represent a major portion of the facility investment, and CCG’s focus is on delivering cost effective and reliable systems.

CCG provides engineering design leadership to the mission critical industry, developing advanced infrastructure solutions that reflect the evolving nature of technology and respond to the changing landscape of our clients' business models and operational missions. 

Facility Planning

Facility Planning services develop building design solutions that are focused on functionality, low maintenance, and operational flexibility. The general construction of any mission critical facility should wrap itself around the technology and infrastructure systems it houses.

CCG collaborates with leading architectural, structural and civil engineering firms who can provide local presence in support of project work in a range of national and international markets, and add a strategic resource for comprehensive service delivery. 

Technology Management

Technology systems are the driving force underlying mission-critical facilities. CCG’s technology planners translate our client’s IT objectives and systems into requirements for infrastructure design. CCG supports the deployment of critical technology systems by providing the following technology planning services:

  • Computer hardware rack and equipment layout, coordinated with mechanical and electrical support equipment placement
  • Electrical power branch circuiting to information technology equipment
  • Structured data communications cable plant design and installation management
  • IT equipment deployment practices for cooling and power management

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design delivers energy efficiency and responsible use of material resources while protecting both workers’ health and the environment. CCG considers every aspect of a project, from its initial programming assumptions to each element of the constructed facility, to maximize the sustainability of the design solution.

We provide services to manage our clients’ US Green Building Council LEED certification process, which is central to demonstrating sustainability.

CCG’s innovative designs attain a high level of sustainable performance, as measured by benchmarks such as Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) and related metrics.

Special Studies

A focused research effort is often required in order to expand the envelope of facilities solutions. As results of such studies, a broader project application is possible. Examples of studies previously undertaken include:

  • Optimal cooling system selection strategy
  • Isolated-parallel configuration concepts for UPS systems
  • Containerized ICT equipment deployment
  • Close-coupled cooling system comparison
  • Air-side economizing strategy
  • Air-supply floor tile performance evaluation