CCG Facilities Integration, A Morrison Hershfield Company

Innovating Mission Critical Systems


Program Management

CCG’s program management services help our clients to leverage their project vision by providing them with expert guidance and implementation assistance. The CCG Program Manager orchestrates the many activities necessary for project execution, including:

  • Establishing goals, objectives and project feasibility
  • Developing a program of requirements
  • Establishing the project team and organizational framework
  • Liaising with real estate brokerage activities
  • Evaluating concept designs
  • Selecting project delivery method
  • Managing project schedule
  • Controlling costs and managing budgets

Facility Strategic Plan

Optimizing facility inventory through a strategic plan is critical to efficient and cost effective operations. CCG assists this process by:

  • Evaluating business and technology operations as relates to facility needs
  • Documenting a data base of assets
  • Projecting capacity requirements and developing a profile of availability and fault tolerance requirements
  • Performing assessments of existing facilities and gap analysis
  • Developing a strategic response plan with respect to size, location and topology of technology facilities
  • Establishing a development schedule and cost projections

Site Selection Advisory

Site search and selection processes are enhanced by CCG’s site advisory services. CCG supports the real estate effort by:

  • Developing a profile of requirements for both site and utility service infrastructure
  • Evaluating candidate sites, buildings or leasehold spaces
  • Evaluating regional and local conditions, including risk factors, access, legal and regulatory considerations, utility and municipal services.
  • Evaluating economic development incentives

CCG also advises local jurisdictions on making their own economic development projects attractive to the data center industry.


As business missions and technologies evolve, existing data center inventories and operational footprints can become obsolete or inefficient. CCG supports technology operations relocation or consolidation to new environments by providing:

  • Advance planning
  • Detailed planning and scheduling
  • Project management office (PMO) staffing
  • Implementation logistics

Independent Verification & Validation

Major project efforts can require that a formal and independent verification and validation function be incorporated into the project plan. CCG fulfills this third party review and reporting role.

CCG’s expert advisors document the various aspects of a project, including design, construction, schedule and cost to provide status and performance evaluations to executive management at every stage of the process.